Chivalry is not dead!

We had a pretty different Saturday night this weekend!

Zandra and Sam spent the day and night with Grammie and Grampy. Josh had a birthday party to go to; which left Gabe and Zach. We decided to do some one on one dates.

Rob and Gabe went for dinner and then went to the Saturday night conference session.

Zach and I went to dinner at a restaurant just down the road.

As we were walking there, Zach was walking beside me, and then quickly moved me over so that he would be on the side closest to the road and said, “You walk here on the inside Mom, it’s safer for you”.

That is something that my Dad always did when I walked with him. It is something that I always did when the boys were younger.

And now, it is something that my boy is doing for me. It made me happy, because somehow he figured out that was the thing to do.

I told him it’s nice to see chivalry was not dead.

Of course, I had to explain what I meant.

I shared with him how it is still nice for a boy/man to hold the door, pull out the chair, and walk on the outside. It may be old fashioned, but I think good manners, politeness and a little bit of chivalry are important traits I want my boys to have.

I guess I’ll be walking on the inside from now on:)

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