Happy Birthday Meski!!!

The Leah Wikipedia entry (by Robbie “make hot tea”):
1)      Susanne Leah Davidson (Leah Davidson)
a.       .also Meski  – taken from the odd phrasing of a combination of the question: “Do you ski?”. Answer : “…yes she  (Larissa) skis like me ski…”;
b.       also. Motor Bum – taken from the schedule that a Meski keeps. Typical day includes waking up, doing some sit ups, getting ready for work, going downstairs in curlers, reading scriptures, setting out lunches,  5 goodbyes at school, 3 to 4 clients across the Greater Toronto Area and hundreds of kilometers, shopping at Wal Mart in between while planning vacations, on the phone, picking up cool quotes of the week, writing blog entry, snapping pics of the week, driving home, with dinner already planned, helping enforce homework, doing her notes, addressing all of the various challenges of kids in school (talking to teachers, encouraging words, a little lecture or two) and back to dinner, post dinner and in to bed time routine!!!!!!!!  Normally pronounced Meski Motor Bum.
c.       also Motor Rad – taken from the above but when things are amped up a few more notches. Usually add in multiple soccer practices, swimming lessons and some pressing deadlines and you get – Motor Rad – usually said together as in “Meski Motor Rad”.
d.      also Mom – taken from the term used by Zachary Fiore and Joshua Fiore to refer to the “person who gave them LIFE and is the prettiest Mom in the whole world – followed by a kiss”
e.      also SMOM – taken from the term used by Samuel, Alexandra and Gabe Clendenning , largely assigned to Gabe’s creative hunour, this term refers to the Step Mom of all Step Moms!!
f.        also Maaaaaaammmma – taken from the Josh vernacular wherein denial of a particular thing (usually a sweet food of some kind) is mixed with a task or behaviour needed at the time. Usually stated at either medium to high levels of volume, it is now met with laughter and is a special plea from a barbaloot to his Mom

Born, April 24, 1972 of goodly parents, Susanne Busing Davidson and James R. Davidson in Montreal, Quebec. Born a precocious but lovable little girl with grey hair and BLUE BLUE eyes and oddly perfect feet and toes!
Early Years
Always a self sufficient little one, Leah (aka Meski and other short form names – see above), has been a budding pianist, a successful baton twirling show girl (along with Jenny Symes), was once rumoured to have stolen many fresh raspberries from others yards, had her teeth knocked out by her older sibling (prior to a dance recital) and grew a strong career in babysitting.
Always athletic, Leah sported a svelte body in her early years, and came to be known as the “girl” in some circles and had very nice legs (this would be the first of many complimentary comments on Leah’s legs and feet!!). An avid swimmer, and a pretty darn good runner (not as fast as her son Josh mind you…although the jury is still out on some apparent race as a Mom wherein the Fulton sprint had a dubious ending verdict.) Leah loves to sport around but mostly likes to travel (see below).

Middle Years
During her middles years and in to her twenties, Leah enjoyed the love of travel and firmly routed the travel bug in her with trips to Asia and Europe in these years.  With a budding career in Banking on the rise, she dropped the work of commerce for the world of Speech Language Pathology (yikes that sounds scary!). With multiple moves and top honours in her class (Na na to the McGill grad admissions doink), she grew in to the World foremost and bestest SLP!!! And that’s true.
Always an admirer of big families, she brought in to the world Zachary and Joshua two boys of goodly nature (although one I hear was of a rather loudly and fussy nature) who knew a super duper Mom when they saw one!!  With hot bah bahs and attempted bed attacks (not mentioning names but his signature mark is a smiley face at the end of his autograph!!) she was off to the races as Super Duper SLP Mom!!
With some hiccups along the way and a change in her marital status, Leah was on her way to a bright future! (she just didn’t know it) Financially responsible, religiously devoutsible and just plain great, she got up the guts and went on a few dates!  The dates were all chumps, she felt in the dumps but not for a moment did she fall prey to her lumps! She travelled with the little ones and figured life was sweet just to be able to share it with three sets of feet!
Middle Years continued….
But little did she know, that with some to and fro, a date of fate would have her meet someone fanatastical but who ate very little for breakfast.
Pursuant to 4 dates (with the Fantastical gentleman who some say looks like Greg Kinnear) she was hook line and sinker’d. 
Married in 2008, in Stockholm, Sweden, the lovely Leah entered a new phase of superdom!! Now a cornerstone of the CDF clan, Leah enjoys being Mom and SMOM to both Zach and Josh and Sam, Zandra and Gabe.
Leah now resides on Fulton Avenue with her new large family. Breaking a sweat and keeping all of them in line, she continues to provide stellar health care support balanced with a rich family life. Traveled even more and full of wonder, you can often find her rummaging for more places to plunder!
As she approaches her 40th year, she is ready to continue her journey to stardom having been published in 2012 and much revered in the blogosphere. She is a beauty and a wonder and the pride of Fulton Avenue….she is THE MOM, SMOM, MESKI MOTOR BUM/RAD, the MAAAMA and simply THE BEST.
Happy Birthday MESKI!!

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