Heading North

Today we decided to do a little bit more daytripping. We headed north this time – back to where we went last summer, but stopped at a bunch of places along the way that we didn’t quite make it to last summer.

Let’s not forget, last summer it was HOT – so checking out Jockey’s Ridge State Park with it’s huge sand dunes, and climbing 256 steps of a lighthouse were not top priority in the heat with 5 kids!

 But this time, they were.We checked out Bodie’s Lighthouse and bought some cute souvenirs there (including a little Christmas tree ornament for us).

We had checked out the Ocracoke Lighthouse and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse when we headed south on Tuesday, so we completed the round of Lighthouses by climbing the one in Currituck (way up north in Corolla). Stunning views of the ocean and sound and the entire area.

 I love the idea of a Lighthouse. I had been wondering why they weren’t always closer to the sea, but the guide up at Currituck answered it nicely for me: It’s not a port – it’s a warning sign that says, “Stay away! You’re getting too close. Get back”!

I love this as a symbol for life – especially for my kids. Often we have warning signs way before the actual trouble…but we need to pay attention to them when we first see them – and not let ourselves drift to closely to the shore where the danger is. The light tells us to stay away and that will keep us safe – if you adhere to it.

 Before getting all the way up north to see the Currituck Lighthouse, we crossed over the causeway and headed into Manteo. There we shopped in a giant (and I mean 25000 square feet giant) Christmas shop! Perfect place for me to buy my Christmas ornaments for the kids!

We drove around and checked out the Fort area, and the waterfront and then headed back to Nag’s Head, where we had an amazing lunch at a little beach diner called “Kill Devil Grill”. We had cheesesteak eggrolls they are notorious for (they were ok- but not really my thing), grilled fish sandwich, fish of the day (mahi mahi)over grits, followed by some keylime pie. It was sooooo tasty! I need a serious diet. Happy fat though:)

We continued heading up North and checked out the home we stayed in last summer (Bayley’s Light), did some shopping at “Life is Good”, and finally up to the Lighthouse. After exploring it, we headed back to Duck, stopping off at “Dockside N Duck” where we picked up a Steamer pot to go: with crab, clams, lobster, potatoes and corn. It was funny, they remembered us (“and all your kids”). We stopped off at Jockey’s Ridge where we climbed the amazing sand dunes and watched some serious kite flying.

Not sure if the photos do Jockey’s Ridge any justice – it’s amazing – these huge dunes in the middle of town it seems!

We returned home, exhausted, but enjoyed the hot tub, while watching the ocean get rougher and rougher as a storm was coming in. We steamed our pot and enjoyed an awesome seafood feast by candlelight with the waves crashing in the background. We finished the evening off by watching “Nights in Rodanthe” and were able to locate so many of the spots in the movie now that we are staying here! We are a few houses away from the pier featured in it, and saw the house (it has been moved since the movie as it was condemned shortly after the movie was released due to it almost being swept in the ocean! They relocated it a few blocks over – see pic below). Being here we have noticed some inconsistencies in the movie (like the ferry would take him in the opposite direction – never mind not needing a ferry to get to Rodanthe! And the bridge he does go over is the opposite direction of the ferry) – but nonetheless, the scenery is just as spectacular – especially the beach!

 Another end to a perfect day:) It’s supposed to storm tomorrow and I’m just fine with that too:)

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