Quote of the Week

I saw this quote on the internet, and took a picture of it as I really liked it.

I especially like it after having my Karaoke party – and singing so many songs. It was really apparent how so many of the songs “today” are a little shaky when it comes to some real, true morals. There are songs about hate, violence, cheating, abuse, breaking up, sex, lies, etc.

Zandra and I did a duet – Eminem and Rihanna  – Love the Way You Lie. I have to admit, I love the music to the song – it is so catchy, and Rihanna’s part is so pretty. But listen to the words????!!!! Talk about dysfunctional and abusive! At least it spurred some good conversation about music and lyrics, and relationships!

Anyhow, I thought this quote really captured the real take home message we should be singing to our kids:

“Love is kind. Anything less isn’t love at all”.

No exceptions.

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