Quote of the Week

“Watch your thoughts: They become your words.
Watch your words: They become your actions.
Watch your actions: They become your habits.
Watch your habits: They become your character.
Watch your character: It becomes your destiny”.

Isn’t that great!

In the movie Iron Lady, there is a scene where Meryl Streep talks about how all we worry about now is about “how people feel”. We never ask “what are you thinking”. She goes on to say, we need to focus on what we are thinking because it leads to your actions…and then goes on to say this quote.

I have heard this quote before many times, but as my kids are getting older, I see how important it is for them to understand this!

I would add one more layer though. Prior to “watching your thoughts”, you need to watch “what you are feeding your brain – for that becomes your thoughts”.

I have recently found myself so many times seeing something on TV and saying to the kids, “In the real world, that would never happen. They would be suspended, they would be expelled if they did that”. Or, “That is not funny – it is just plain mean. In the real world you’d be called a bully for that”.

And yet, many seem to turn a blind eye to what our kids are watching, listening to, observing, idolizing. We need to watch these things carefully, for they influence our children’s thoughts, and that flows right down to their destiny.

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