Weekly Snaps of Life

Josh heading to a sleepover for his friend’s birthday

Me Blogging (Zach snuck up and took this)

Date night with Zach (Wimpy’s burger was what he wanted, played some Beach Boys on the Jukebox. Rob had a date night too with Gabe – then they went to conference – but I didn’t get a snap of them)

Gabe cooking the Sunday Surprise Dinner. Not too much of a “surprise” though since we didn’t have much time as had a very busy weekend. He ended up cooking one of our favorite staple meals – will post recipe this week. Yummy! Good cook he is becoming!

Rob stepping in to saving us from a boiling over disaster!

Rob painting me a picture for my upcoming 40th! Loved it – hanging on our wall already! The beach is my favorite place to be!

New iphone for me!! Love the Siri function!

Trying out cupcakes from various shops – trying to decide which ones for my birthday (any excuse for a cupcake!!). Settling on chocolate fudge, peanut butter fudge and strawberry!

Beach picnic for lunch with Rob

Bubble Bath hair styles!

Bedtime with every monkey Josh has hanging onto each other’s backs. Triggered by receiving another monkey from us from Costa Rica!

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