Weekly Summary of Life (no snaps this week!)

I didn’t have my camera around a lot his week, but I thought I’d summarize some of the goings on around here:

We celebrated Easter Monday, starting with an egg hunt, followed by a brunch with crepes, filled with strawberries and blueberries, topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Rob’s parents joined us for that occasion, so it was a nice little Easter celebration. Unfortunately, Rob had a big meeting and dinner meeting that afternoon and evening, so he went off to that, but not before a quick soccer game. Unfortunately, he took a very rough tumble when playing soccer (I thought he had broken his arm for sure – but I think he just bruised some ribs). Zach was quick to point out that was why he was always worried when playing with “the parents” – we could really hurt ourselves! Rob went off bruised and battered but had very successful meeting, and the kids and I continued playing at the park – but switched to baseball and biking.

Back to school on Tuesday, where Zandra was busy trying out for both soccer and ultimate Frisbee – and happily made both teams! Yah Zandra! Zach was also trying out for soccer and shot put – but hasn’t heard yet. Sam was busy planting a bean plant – and brought it home making me promise to not kill it – his exact words were “not to die it” (of course I don’t deliberately kill plants, they just don’t do well). He is also busy trying to grow his two front teeth – I have told him we’ll have to put chicklets in soon! We had family night on Tuesday night this week too where we got to really discuss the true meaning of Easter through a little Q&A game, which was a lot of fun!

Soccer is in full swing, with both Zach and Josh playing Rep – which means a lot of time on the soccer field! Zach was on Wednesday, and Josh on Thursday this week then both have practices on the weekend too. Zach also has guitar on Thursdays. This week he was working on “Somebody I Used to Know” (Gotye). Love how his teacher teaches all the popular songs – keeps him interested. Luckily swimming is covered on Monday (Sam, Josh and Zandra) and Tuesday (Zach and Gabe) afterschool, and will end just in time when more soccer kicks in (for Sam, Josh and Zach) and baseball for Gabe. Life is just getting busier – especially when you add in all the school work!

Rob and I were still able to squeeze in a sushi date on Wednesday though. It was a super busy work week for us both as we will be off next week as we are heading to the Outer Banks! It is my 40th Birthday Trip!

On Friday, despite me always claiming “I don’t work on Fridays”, I saw 3 clients, did groceries, then headed to pick the kids up after school. Rob was able to squeeze in a lunch date with Sam, which they both enjoyed, and then after school Sam went over to his buddy’s for a playdate. I stood around the school yard for a bit and watched Zach, Zandra, and Josh all stand around with their friends chatting and discussing who had made what team and who was doing what for the weekend. I got a little sad thinking how grown up they are all becoming – hanging with their friends, planning their social lives. But I was happy too because the three are all so close in age so it will be nice for them as they ge older to share some social circles. Zach went to his friend’s house for a bit, and Zandra went home to prepare for a party she headed to later that evening. Josh played a little soccer at the park, and Gabe hung out at the park with his friends a bit too. Everyone all gathered back for dinner (except Zandra who was at a party) and I cherished the fact that we could still have dinner together – as soon, they will be wanting to stay out way past dinner. Zandra got home, and we debriefed about the party – also a taste of what many nights in our future will look like!

Time is flying by! They are literally growing up before my eyes – so I had to capture a little week in review!

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