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I realized this week when it took me about 1.5 hours to merge a couple of our schedules for summer sports, that this is going to be a busy summer! Not quite sure how we are going to swing it – considering we both have full time jobs, other than chauffeuring everyone around, and waiting by the sidelines cheering (and freezing our butts off this time of year too once the sun goes down). But we will manage. And I secretly like the busyness of life. I know “this too shall pass” and before I know it it will just be Rob and me sitting on a porch swing talking about the good all days when all we did was race to one event to another. So, I’m going to try to enjoy it and not stress too much:)
This past week was the official (because really soccer has been going on for months) start of soccer games and baseball games, and the end of dance and a school “Nuit Vert”. We’re just winding down with swimming and guitar too. I’m going to have to get a bit better with taking pictures of all theses events that consume all our time! Here are a few snaps that I did get, and some other snaps of our everyday life.

Zach and I are training together for a 5K. We love to stop and look at the city view on our run

Dancing Josh in our front window

Poor Sam – pretending to be trapped at school

First time in front seat. No longer my baby (ok – always my baby – but who can now sit in the front seat)

Captain Zach at 1st official league game (that took us 1.5 hours to drive to in traffic)

Gabe’s 1st baseball game and first time up to bat. 30 seconds later the ball smacked him square in the head. Thank goodness for helmets:)

Teaching some boy things

Robbie can fix all, but his bike is causing him problems on our rides

Our fave spot on Cherry Beach (after a beautiful morning ride)

This time of year also means that the boat goes in the water, and we already were able to take a few rides and enjoy some time out on the water!

My spot

Gorgeous view

1st ride  – too bad the kids weren’t with us this weekend:(

The Beach off the Center Island

Faster, please!

City view

Pat bought Josh a Popsicle bigger than his head!

 Let the summer games begin!!

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