Soccer, Soccer, and Baseball (to spice things up)

Last week was a crazy week.
In addition to the normal practices and games, we had a few extra tournaments:

Zach played on the school team at a tournament. Rob and I were able to see him play for a bit during the day and saw him make a sweet score!!

With his best bud Caz

Zandra’s team played the next day. Again, Rob and I were both able to catch the ending of the tournament – just to see them celebrate their victory!!

The Victory cheer!

The weekend was jammed with events as both Zach and Josh had soccer tournaments all weekend long – at opposite ends outside the city! We ended up having 9 games between them to try to watch and cheer for!! Of course, Gabe’s baseball also had opening day this weekend too. This meant that we had to skip the school fair this year:(((

But, the weekend was a success!!

Gabe’s team won 9-3. Rob got a good video of Gabe’s hit!! Here are a few snaps of him:

Doesn’t he look so good in his uniform??

He got an awesome hit!

Zach’s team played some great games, and he made an amazing header goal which I was so excited to witness (but didn’t capture it unfortunately!!) . The team he plays for is a new team, so they are just figuring out their groove, but they did great and are putting in their all!

This one is priceless. One of the Mom’s next to me was screaming like mad and Zach looked over all annoyed, as he thought it was me screaming:))

Josh’s team won the tournament! We had some hot, long days, but the celebration was sweet!!
I’ve got a lot more pictures of him as one of the Mom’s had a mega camera and took 425 pictures – so I selected a few that I loved!!! The first few are mine, the rest were hers:)

Lonely guy on the bench with his rooster hair!

This was what was going on on the sidelines as we watched – hair tickles!!

They all did amazing , gave it their all and should be very proud of their individual accomplishments! I know I am!!!

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