Victoria Day Summer Kick Off

I think this time of year is my favorite.

I love how all the good weather is starting and we have a few months still to come! Spring is a season filled with hope and anticipation of what still is to come, or what may happen.

Victoria day this year we had no kids. We took advantage of the opportunity to go out for lunch with Rob’s parents. We went to a really cute marina near them, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and then walked along the boardwalk. It was a great afternoon!

Evening came and the lost children returned:)) We all went and watched Josh at soccer practice before heading to our school/neighborhood park for the annual community firework show!!

It has become a little neighborhood tradition to head to the park at dusk and set off fireworks that many neighbors have purchased. The kids run around, light sparklers and wave glow sticks and watch the fireworks ( which are getting bigger and bigger each year!)

Here’s a few snaps from this year:

Love how his foot is on a soccer ball at all times!

Happy Summer!!

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