Gabe’s Graduation

It’s weird being a Step Mom in so many ways – especially when your memories of your step children start quite abruptly at whatever stage of life they were in when you met them. It’s not this gradual growing up you watch – you just sort of jump right in.

Gabe was 9 when I met Rob. I thought that was sort of big…I mean, much of his life had already passed (no??) and I realized that we would have to create a very different bond because he was older. Well, he was “big” at the time, but as he is getting older, I realize how little he actually was! I also think about how lucky I am to have met him at such a young age so I can enjoy watching him grow, along with his Dad.  I love this guy. He certainly is my favourite oldest step son – and I hope he always remembers that:)))

Now he’s 14 next week – and it’s sort of neat because I do have some established “memories” of him when he was younger that can I compare with – and will hopefully help me get through the interesting teen years ahead with him.

So for grade 8 graduation, I sat back and watched him walk across the stage and see how much he’s changed in the very short timeframe I’ve known him.

He’s gone from this:

To this:

I can’t imagine for Rob the changes he sees with his little boy growing up before his eyes.  Aren’t they the handsomest though??? I love how he is resembling Rob more and more each day!

Back to Gabe:
During the long ceremony, my mind also drifted to how many graduations we would attend as parents… I counted 20 all together- but then Zach and Zandra will do a couple together so we’re down to 17. Two are done as well, so 15 more to go!!

Anyhow, it was nice seeing Gabe interact with his peers, and see his everyday life from a different perspective. He got his certificate and stood proudly with his class:

Love all his facial expressions!!

We came home after the ceremony for some chocolate cake before Gabe headed out to a graduation party – armed with Rob’s advice “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t be comfortable telling me”. Cute eh?

I guess he’s experimenting with his faces as you can tell by all the different “looks”

Congrats Gabe! We are so proud of you!!!


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