Happy 41 Robbie!!!!

Happy Birthday Robbie!!!

Could I be any luckier to be married to the most amazing man in the world and beyond?

As much as I think he’s amazing – I have some pretty big additional proofs that he is outstanding:

1) My ex husband loves him.
2) Zach’s best bud told his Mom that if he ever has a Step Dad, he hopes he’ll be just like Rob
3) Neighborhood kids seek him out to play with them.
4) My friends all wonder where did I find this guy?????
5) He has embraced my two boys as his own and invested in creating a forever bond with them. Josh hugs him! That says it all!
6) Gabe still openly hugs him

Ok – these are little proofs, but they carry a lot of weight given their sources! But lets get to the 41 real reasons why I love him so:

1) He is so kind
2) He has great calves
3) He is soooooooo smart
4) He is gorgeous
5) He is the eye in the storm around here
6) He is committed
7) He is soooo funny
8) He runs fast
9) He is the best Dad and step Dad
10) He knows how to prioritize
11) He is giving of his time and energy
12) The patience this man has is unbelievable
13) He is super sexy
14)He can fix anything
15) He is respectful
16) He loves his car
17) He can make grass grow in our backyard
18) He is honest
19) He is real and doesn’t pretend to be something or someone he is not
20) Fantastic skier!
21) Fantastic tennis player!
22) Fantastic runner!
23) Always willing to play with kids
24) He’s fun to be with
25) He’s not afraid to admit he was wrong when he is, take responsibility and apologize
26) He is a great teacher
27) He is a great example and role model
28) He has a great smile
29) He is super creative
30) He is so thoughtful
31) He is a fantastic artist!
32) He remembers tons of tiny facts
33) He really listens
34) He is brave, courageous and faces his fears
35) He endures right to the bitter end and never gives up
36) He is spiritual, inspiring, serves others and is a leader
37) He’s easy going
38) He loves good food and traveling
39) He’s generous
40) He’s stylin’
41) He is the most humble man I know.

The interesting thing about Rob is everyone who meets him, loves him. Instantaneously. Everyone. Anyone who has a real relationship with him knows he’s a stellar guy. I have never heard a negative thing uttered about him (ok that’s not true – but the people who have uttered anything negative aren’t the most reliable sources and their name(s) are usually followed by the expression “You can’t fight crazy”, or their faces are usually green with envy that they aren’t more like him:))

My point being? Rob. Rocks. All the way around.

In our house, I think the general consensus is Rob/Dad is our real rock. He sets us straight. He makes us pancakes. He referees our arguments. He reaches out to make peace. He pounds the table when he’s mad at dinner (ok that happened once but we love giggling and reminding him of it – although it really wasn’t funny at the time:)). He cleans the kitchen. He is the math teacher. He reminds us to say prayers. He keeps us up to date on news. We think he works – but not sure how in all the chaos. He pushes us to be our best. He advocates for us. He makes us put our napkins on our knees. He’s our voice of reason. He’ll dance in the kitchen. Play soccer anywhere. Break a neighbor’s window while playing in the back (oops). Drive you anywhere. Defend and protect our family and make us always number one.

I could go on and on…..

I. Love. This. Man.

Happy 41 McHottie!


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  1. Holy smokes! *I* want to marry this guy! 🙂 happy Birthday, Rob! We are so glad you and Leah found each other. We think you’re a pretty awesome guy too.!

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