Happy Anniversary

I read somewhere that for second marriages – with kids- you take the number of years you’ve been married and multiply by 4. That gives you the true number of married years:)

Because jumping into a marriage with kids is like jumping on a treadmill at full speed.

So, Happy 16th Anniversary Robbie!

Four years ago today, in a beautiful apple grove at Haringe Castle just outside of Stockholm, Sweden, I married the most incredible man.

I love this man more and more each year – each day – exponentially. Even the things that drive me crazy I secretly love.

I love the partnership, family and life we are busy creating.

I love our family time and I love our alone time.

I love when we are working hard together and when we are lazy together.

I love walking and running the neighborhood together and traveling the world together.

I love sitting at our kids sporting games together, and sitting in church together.

I love looking at him across the table in our favorite sushi booth, and I love watching him interact with our kids across our long dinner table.

I love waking up at the crack of dawn with him, and falling asleep in his arms exhausted at the end of the day.

I love being out in public with him, and I love the most intimate moments shared with him.

I love watching him teach our children principles, values, facts and tidbits, and I love watching him make them laugh to the point of tears.

I love watching him laugh and I loved watching him cry that one time…. ( he needs to work on the crying to catch up to me a bit).

I love this man as my best friend and lover, and I love this man as a father and step father.

I love you Robbie McHottie.

Happy Anniversay!


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