Quote of the Week

“You have to want it (Leaside)”!
Coach Andrew

We have sat by the sidelines of a lot of soccer games this year, and I have listened to this line over and over.

While I was not so keen initially on the boys getting involved in competitive soccer – as it is a huge commitment, and a HUGE amount of time, I have seen the “life benefit” of it too.

The commitment factor is a big one – both for parent and child. Then there is the hard work. The discipline. The mental energy. The strategy. The need for more sleep and better food. The bond between players. The influence of a coach. The pride of parents. The excitement. Coping with sadness and disappointment. The drive. The motivation. The willpower. The celebration.

I wish I could say that every game has been a huge success – but of course, there have been losses mixed in with the wins. There also  have been many games that look pretty hopeless, or that the players are looking a little exhausted, or not playing their best.

This happens to all teams. You hear the coaches yelling from the sidelines, “Get your head in the game!”, “What are you doing?”, “Seriously, come on!”, “Get with it”! You can see how kids easily get deflated, and then lose their confidence, which often leads to disappointment.

However, Josh’s coach, can often be heard yelling “You have to want it Leaside!”.

They all know what this means.  In his coaching and pep talks, he talks to them about how part of the game is a mental game. They have to want to win. They have to go after their goal. They have to attack that ball. If they want it, they will work hard at it. If they work hard, they will have success.

Every time I hear him yell that, I think what a valuable life lesson he is yelling out onto the field.

You have to want it.

Whatever “it” may be.

If you want it, you have to go after it. You need to put in the blood, sweat and tears. You need to be committed, make the sacrifices, and push push push. That shows you want it.

If you don’t really want it, your efforts will be half hearted, and you often won’t get it.

Not to say that sometimes we want “it”, but despite our best efforts, we don’t get “it”. But we will always have the knowledge that we did our best, we could do no more. That is the peace that comes from wanting it bad, doing all you can to get it, then humbly acknowledging it is not yours to get.

Now, whenever I hear one of my kids complaining that  a goal is not in reach, or something is too hard, or something is not possible,  I think of coach Andrew and want to yell on the sidelines of life, “You have to want it”! It is possible.You can do it!

The question really is, how bad do you want it?

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