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“Good is the enemy of Best”.

We had a long discussion at Family Night last week, about doing your best, putting in 100% and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

We also talked about “Good, Better, Best” and how there are many good things we can choose to do, but sometimes we need to forego those good things, for better or for the best. We also talked about how we can be putting in a good effort, but we can push ourselves to do better, or to be our best.

There is a fine line I think between loving our children for exactly who they are, making them feel accepted, adored, and valued as is; versus pushing them to become their best, not allowing themselves to settle for “ok” or “fine” and encouraging them to rise to the challenge.

As much as I want my children to know that I love and value them exactly as they are, I also want them to know that they have great potential, they are meant to do great things, and they have the power to move mountains, if they only believe they can. I certainly know they can. I have great faith in my children and want them to know that “I believe in them“.

So, we have challenged them to not allow “Good” (or “good enough”) to stand in the way of achieving “Best”.  It’s something that Rob and I also need to challenge ourselves with. Who knows what is possible?!


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  1. Hi! I love your blog…just hit on it, as I always say “good is the enemy of best”. I thought C.S. Lewis said it ….but it originated before him. ( I think the Bible…) but do you know where that saying came from?? trying to find the source… Thanks!!

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