Happy Birthday Gabe!

Gabe turns 14 today!!

We are certainly in the stage where I’m not sure he’d be so keen on having a post written about him…but maybe one day in the future he’ll want something in writing to remind him how much we love and appreciate and admire him!

The top 14 things I love aout Gabe:

1. His amazing smile
2. His hair flip
3. His ability to be a kid still:)
4. His impersonations that make us laugh so hard at dinner
5. How hard he worked at math this year and demonstrated what he can do when he puts his mind to it!
6. His amazing curiosity which sends him on a quest for knowledge always
7. His desire to dream about the future – and make some cool concrete plans!
8. His knowledge about cars and planes
9. His obsession with technology (no – not texting – although he is a bit obsessed with that – but his desire to know how it all works)
10. How cute he is when he is the “big brother” with Sam (and imitates Sam talking in a little voice)
11. His great skiing abilities
12. His courage to face his fears this year:)
13. His eagerness to be organized and create a plan for himself
14. How much he reminds me of his Dad when he learns little facts!

I put together a few pics of Gabe over the years I have know him. He has grown so much, and gone through so many hair styles!!

For his birthday dinner, we ordered in Chinese food and had chocolate cake. He really wanted a car model (sorry – have no idea what kind of car:)) and then we got him some “Teen Life Strategies” books – which he actually seemed to life. The candy poster is always appreciated too!

It’s a computer motherboard…

Happy 14th Birthday Gabe! You are growing into quite the young man. I’m so happy to have you in my life and love being a part of your family:))


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