Happy Birthday Sam!

Sam asked me the other day “What is special about me? I have to write something in my class, and I can’t think of anything”!

“Are you kidding??”, I said.

I then rattled off 16 things in about 30 seconds about what is so special about this little guy.

Here’s a sampling – 7 things I love about Sam to mark his 7th Birthday!

1. He is so quick – with everything! Quick to learn, quick to run, quick to fall asleep, quick to wake up, quick to think, quick to be so darn cute!
2. He is so enthusiastic
3. He has a great sense of humour
4. He is a fantastic reader
5. He is very animated in how he talks and tells stories
6. He is very helpful and grateful
7. He is such a leader

This little man is going places in life:) Being the youngest, he has a lot of independence and is just so confident in himself!

Here’s some Sam through the years:

For his actual birthday, Sam wanted his favorite, rapini pasta. We then had some cupcakes (since he had had his actual birthday cake at his party). He was thrilled with his soccer jersey, special crystals (he specifically wanted purple crystals) and his candy poster!

I love you Sam and think you are so awesome! I’m so glad to be your Stepmom and look forward to many years to come!

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