Happy Birthday Zach!

11 years. Could it be possible?

I am so happy that after each of my sons were born I made it a priority to write out their birth story for them. Now, we get to review the details of their birth – and it is so fun to remember that amazing day (and day before:)). I read it over with Zach last night and at the end of it,  I comment how it is hard to believe that the tiny baby lying right beside me at the time I was writing would ever grow up.

Eleven years later….

The days are long, but the years are short.

But it is fun to read through the fun little details that I recorded in the early years!

It goes to show how Zach may have changed a lot in some ways, but in other ways he is the same little boy who called me one night to tell me his “by bank” (blanket) was not working (it had fallen off) or the big brother who bossed Baby Daw (Josh) around, or the picky eater that spat chicken out if it was too dry.

Here are 11 things I love about Zach!

1. His enthusiasm  (especially for anything to do with travel!) and energy
2. His sense of humour and his laugh
3. His level of responsibility and commitment
4. His effort that he puts into many things
5. His fierce loyalty
6. His willingness to apologize and make things right and forgive
7. His quickness in doing things
8. His great hugs
9. His obsession with tickles
10. His willingness to always challenge himself
11. His sensitive side

Happy Birthday my favorite older son! We love you and adore you even when you drive us crazy!!!

Here are some snaps through the years (or at least ever since I went digital:))

For his birthday, Zach invited a couple of friends over for a soccer game, movie and sleepover. They stayed up until 2:45!! The next day they were completely exhausted! But, everyone had a good time and he was happy with his new soccer jersry, hat and of course, the candy poster!

I love you my boy!!
Love Mom

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