We had to wake up early this morning as we had to take tender boats into Belize. Due to the reef, the ship has to anchor quite a way outside the port.
We were among the first to tender, and arrived an hour before our tour (Belize was 2 hours behind ship time which we weren’t aware of – thought it was only 1 hour).

We took advantage of the time to walk around. It was good for the kids to see how people live! I think our kids live in their bubble and don’t realize the reality of many others. It was eye opening for them.

We went to catch our tour – only to find out it had been cancelled. Not good. I politely freaked out on the guy and luckily he adapted things to accommodate (unfortunately for some other people, they cancelled their tour and they had to come with us). It was a long and HOT wait. The tour company was completely disorganized and it took 2.5 hours to get moving. We checked out some iguanas while we waited.

When we finally did get going, we headed to the Barrier Reef (2nd largest in the world next to the Great Barrier Reef) and did some snorkeling. The kids did great for first timers! They got to hold a starfish and some other cool stuff!

Mr. Biggs was our guide and he helped the kids out a lot!

After snorkeling, they took us to a place called Bannister Caye. It’s a “deserted beach” which has a little restaurant, change rooms and beach chairs and umbrellas. We didn’t get to stay long (due to the late start) but had a nice lunch there and swam and floated in the ocean a bit.

The funniest thing happened there. Josh went to the bathroom during lunch. He came back and said that the bathroom had a really cool sink….he told Sam about it (as Sam had just been in ) and Sam said, “Josh, that was a urinal”! We were laughing so hard!! Rob went to check it out and yup it was !!!

After our quick beach break, we headed out back to the ocean to find some manatees. We did! We saw about 3 of them. They were huge! We also some dogs swimming along  – that was very strange – stray dogs just out for a swim in the middle of no where!! The kids each got to drive the boat too which was fun. Except for Sam, who eventually fell asleep in Rob’s lap!

We went back, tendered back to the ship and headed up to the top to play some cards and have some ice cream. Everyone was a little sunned out.

Before dinner I made everyone go take some more pictures (they do get annoyed with it but my feeling is it is the least they can do for me:))

This gorgeous guy is not so crazy about leaving this spot to go pose for the camera:))

Dinner was in the main dining room again, and the waiters got a kick out of the kids we haveJ
After dinner, we decided to go the Rock and Roll show in the show lounge. It was pretty fun – they did music from the 50’s – today. Josh was embarrassed by the scantily clad dancers (and rightly so – it’s a not a strip show people), but Sam was clapping away and loving every minute! Halfway through the show, Josh fell fast asleep. I mean FAST ASLEEP! How he could sleep during fireworks, loud music and lights baffled Zandra (although she is one heavy sleeper too!).

We headed back to the cabins to find the cutest little towel guys. I first didn’t see the  one in our room, but was thrilled when I saw him hanging  from the bed. He was so awesome!

Everyone headed to bed watching a little TV – another early day tomorrow!

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