The ship arrived in Cozumel and after a quick breakfast, we made our way to the pier.

Today was the one day we didn’t have any excursions planned.  We caught a cab and headed to Paradise Beach and arrived just as they were opening. They have all these amazing water toys: trampolines, slides, ice bergs etc. and for a while, we were the only ones on them! The trampoline was pretty fun and then the kids had a blast going down the crazy high slide (Rob even dared, but it took him a while to come down!).

Gabe always had the video camera going!

Off the slide!

The beach
The pool was also pretty sweet, and we lounged about on the water chairs, ordered some pina coladas, and just relaxed! The kids were playing swimming Olympics – having relay races throughout the pool. It was so cute (and great exercise!)

In the afternoon after some snacks for  lunch, we did a bit of kayaking, floated on some mats in the ocean and the kids played some more  on the water toys.
We headed back to the pier a bit early so we could do a bit of shopping.

The kids got a couple of things: Zandra a cool “wrapper” purse (she negotiated a good price), a  pin for Zach and some playing cards for Gabe. Good thing, because when we got back to ship, we hung out in the dining room, ate some food and then played some BlackJack/21 with Gabe as our dealer!

I think Josh must be losing

The ship sailed out of port and we watched Cozumel disappear into the distance from the top deck.

Windy as we were pulling out!

The kids usually called their other parent when we were pulling our of ports!

We had a casual dinner at the buffet, but still got a few pictures in! After dinner we went to do starlight, star bright and snuck into the adult only section and swung on some hammocks. It was a great day!

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