Last Day at Sea

Our last full dayL.  It was a day at sea, and everyone slept in a bit.

We had lunch in the main dining room, as opposed to the buffet we had been having every morning. It was a comedy brunch (we saw one skit), and the food was good – but way over the top!

Following breakfast, we went a played a little mini putt.

We then went down the slide a few times, and swam. We enjoyed tacos and burgers for lunch, and then everyone ate a little too much at the Chocolate Extravaganza buffet! It was decadent, but sickening.

The kids went back to the room to watch a movie, and Rob and I snuck off to the adults only section and napped and read on a hammock and then chatted and enjoyed the gorgeous views on a bali bed. It was really nice.

I packed everything up while Rob took the kids to the arcade and did some fun poses.

We enjoyed our final dinner and hit the sack early due to our early departure.

All in all, it was a incredible vacation. But aren’t they all?
I can’t say I have had a favorite vacation. I just want to do a whole bunch of different trips as a family so we have a ton of memories to draw on. I want the kids to be exposed to different kinds of travel, and this was certainly one on my bucket list! It was also awesome that it was a surprise.
Now back to reality…until our next adventure… and it’s a biggie!!

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