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As I’m gearing up for all the kids coming home today, I scanned through my phone to read all the little quotes and sayings I’ve collected over the week and I came across this one that is perfect for me right now:

“A balanced life equals a level of imperfection”.

I have loved having a really neat and tidy house in the past 10 days since everyone has been gone. I haven’t gone around and tidied things a gazillion times, or asked for things to be put away over and over, or tripped over things left on the stairs, or moved the stinky cleats outside, or sighed at the table filled with crumbs and the meal that fell underneath the table, or refolded the blankets in the family room and straightened the cushions…all those little things that I do and get frustrated over.

I know within 5 minutes of everyone being home, the house is going to look like a disaster again.

But that is OK. 

I need to work on my perfectionist tendencies and be OK with a little imperfection in this area.

Another little quote that I saw was “Messy is not the same as dangerous”.

While I can never live in utter chaos and clutter (as my mind would go crazy – it needs order), I don’t have to have perfection either. A little mess is ok.

Just to be clear though (for my kids who are reading), I’m good with our usual mess. I’m not saying that somehow I’ve changed and will accept more of a mess:)) And you still have to do all the regular chores (better than we have been doing over this summer:))

But since messy isn’t the same as dangerous, and since having balance in life requires a little imperfection, I’m just going to try to relax and accept it.

(We’ll see).

Luckily we leave on vacation in 5 days!


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