Roatan, Honduras

I think Roatan, an island just off of Honduras,  was everyone’ s favorite.
I’m happy I made it because in the wee hours of the morning I was not feeling so hot and was pretty sick. Thank goodness for all those airplane “sick” bags I had taken off the plane with me. They came in handy:)) 

Luckily, things looked up by the time we were ready to leave.

We arrived in port early and entered into the port area called Mahogany Bay that Carnival recently developed. We walked up to the main road, and met our private tour guide, Kenney.
Kenney took us around the island, pointing out the schools, cool soccer fields, beautiful beach areas, bridges that used to separate the white and the black people (no longer such restrictions, although the areas are now mainly separated by rich and poor). He gave us some history lessons, discussed religion and politics and compared real estate prices. It was awesome.

He then took us to a small monkey farm, where the kids got to hold some really cute (and feisty!) monkeys, a toucan, a parrot and pet a bunny and deer. This was a highlight of our trip. I took a ton of pics of these cheeky little monkeys because they were so cute and the kids were loving playing with them and asking me to take so many pictures of them!

Trying to take my dress off!

He just pounced and landed on Rob!

This was the best…the little monkey decided to run down Zach’s shirt! He tried to go down mine too but got stuck in my swimsuit straps and climbed back out. But he went all the way down in Zach’s shirt!

This seriously hurt. I think I had little holes in my head where his claws were!


Finally, we ended up at this gorgeous beach (West Bay Beach) and spent the rest of the time having a quick lunch of pizza and swimming and playing in the incredible water. The kids played on the giant connect 4 board too!


The day was far too short when we had to head back to the ship. For sure, we will return to this island!

We got to the ship and had some snacks and then relaxed a bit before heading to dinner.


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