5 years ago today….

My summer of “dating” was drawing to a close.

I had committed to putting myself out there for the summer and if no one was to be found, I would completely immerse myself into single life again and not waste another second on men. Besides, I had two little amazing men to occupy my time already!

But, I had spoken to this guy right on the last day of my deadline: August 31st, 2007. He seemed really nice, (made me laugh at least) and so we had set a date for Saturday, September 8th to meet for breakfast. I figured I could stretch my deadline for one week; after all, we had connected during the official summer.

On that Saturday five years ago, I woke up, went for a run, then a bike ride ( a standard Saturday routine I had started since the boys were with their Dad every Saturday; I think it was the most fit I’ve been!) and then went to “Bonjour Brioche” to meet this guy.

I arrived, fashionably 10 minutes late, and found him there…. He had been there for over an hour (telling me he had gotten the time wrong, but now that I know him I know he is always crazy early for things:))

I ordered a full breakfast, and to my horror, he had a little brioche! That’s it! We chatted away, time past quickly and I left with my cheeks hurting from laughing so much. He was super cute and super sweet. Maybe a little too nice though?!?

A text from him later confirmed we would meet again….

A dinner in the Distillery District, a bike ride followed by a sushi dinner, and a tennis game followed by Indian food, made our 3 amazing next dates. By October 9th at 7:29 am, I emailed one of my best girlfriends:

“Ok – don’t want to jinx it – but THIS is THE guy…. I am going to marry this man….”.

Perfect timing because that night he told me he had fallen in love with me (and I had with him too of course)….

And the rest is history!

Happy 5 Year Anniversary of our first date!!!

Here we are 5 years later (cheesy little photos that we got done on the cruise:)

Love you Robbie!!!

“It seems like there was no start or “before” but just the realization of a continuum that was there without our knowing”.

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