Back to School

Yesterday was back to school! The summer passed very quickly, but we had an amazing summer and are ready to get back to the drill!

Rob and I got up early so we would have time to take some traditional pictures.  He also made some yummy pancakes for us all:)

Gabe was ready to start high school. Yup. HIGH SCHOOL!!! Grade 9.  He only had two hours though, so he went and got his timetable and then got to come home early.

Zandra started grade 6 (last year in this school) with Ms. Atkins. We did the little french braid the night before – she looked super cute:)

Zach also started grade 6 with M. Selberg. Same teacher as last year – which is great since we both liked him a lot!

Josh is now in grade 4 – officially a junior at this school! He has Mme. Spurway.


Of course tradition is, he adds one goofy picture.

And little ol’ Sam ain’t so little anymore, starting grade 2 with Mr. Katsuras.

Of course, we had to take our yearly picture on the steps (which I gave a history of here). I can’t believe the changes in ONE year even!!!

We may all look really smiley on this picture above, but it’s quite a chore to get organized (Gabe’s tri-pod saved the day though:)) This is the behind the scenes…aka “our real life”:

We headed on down to school for our 3 minute commute:) Longer for Gabe this year, but Rob was driving him, so he came to drop the younger ones off with us.

The kids caught up with their friends:

So embarrassed I took this pic:))

They all had a great first day! They came home and had a million things to tell us. Over dinner time, we heard all the news, and Zach introduced us to a fun geography game that had us all searching for countries and competing with each other. we topped the day off with some blizzards from dairy queen to celebrate the success of the 1st day!

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