Busy with life….

I’ve fallen behind on my blogging again.

I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been fabulously busy doing something incredible.

Instead, we’ve been busy wrapping up soccer: final games, tournament and banquet; and gearing up for the fall activities, which will include more soccer, swimming, dance, and tennis (Gabe made the high school tennis team – yah!!).

We’ve also been busy getting back into the school routine. Unfortunately that has included 2 discussions with the same teacher (followed by a recess detention), a note from a teacher in an agenda (and two changes in the seating in class) , and a call from the vice principal about a fight in school related to a “gum selling business” started up by one of my sons (entrepreneurial I know – but taboo at school). All this, I might add, in the past 2 days!!!!

As much as it stresses me out, I remind myself that these will be good stories to share in the future. I think it’s always the challenges that make the best stories.

Back to blogging again soon….

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