Lessons from Zandra

The same client I talked about here, was also telling me how she is struggling with “finding herself”. She doesn’t know who she is.

My feeling is we all struggle with this throughout our lives! Our goal in life is to uncover who we are and to reach the potential that is within us all. We need to be doing the work though! We can’t discover things if we aren’t putting ourselves out there.

Little Miss Zandra said to me the other day: “Isn’t it cool that 1 year ago I had never even heard of hair tutorials, and now I watch them all the time and love them, and doing hair has become a real talent”?

Yes, my dear, it is cool. So cool for you to have discovered a talent and made the connection that you went from nothing to something by effort and interest. So important to see that you can discover new things about yourself all the time!

Zandra took something she virtually knew nothing about and turned it around and it has become a strength, a passion, a great talent.

But – she had to try it! She could have hated it of course. But she tried it, persevered through the learning of skills, and found she enjoyed it. It wasn’t innate, it wasn’t something she was handed, it’s something she tried – and ended up loving.

So, when trying to “find” yourself, you need to throw yourself into all sorts of things – that’s the only way you can discover new things about yourself. Who knows? Maybe these new things will become your biggest passion or strength!

I’m so glad I “tried step motherhood” and got this amazing little girl who helps me discover everyday who I am, and even helps me teach others!

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