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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever“. Gandhi

At my father’s funeral nearly 10 years ago, my brother borrowed from Stephen Covey’s “First Things First” statement “To Live. To Love. To Learn. To leave a Legacy”.

This was perfect for my Dad, and my brother summarized my Dad’s life according to how he lived those values.

The one that always jumps out at me and reminds me of my Dad is “To Learn”.

My Dad failed grade 1. Left school at the ripe old age of 14 to work. Printed his name wrong on a job application. He was not the smartest cookie in the box, I’m sure his teachers and parents would have said.

Yet he went on to not only go back and complete high school at night, but to get an undergraduate degree, and then finally a Masters degree when I was two years old.

He became a Teacher. He took courses when he retired. He even took the same accounting course that I took when I was in College!

He was an avid reader, a wonderful writer (although his spelling was always a bit questionable), a confident speaker, and a scriptorian.

He taught his whole life, and he learned his whole life. I have never met anyone as committed to learning as he was.

When I saw this quote, I immediately thought of my Dad.

He certainly learned as if he were to live forever. I’m sure in fact he continues to learn and to teach.  I hope my own children will be inspired to learn their whole lives, the way my Dad inspired me.

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