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“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men”. Abraham Lincoln

Sometimes I feel like our quotes of the week all sound very similar. I guess it could be that the quotes that jump out at me are usually related to things going on in our lives. So I guess it makes sense that similar quotes would always jump out at me then!

We have had many discussions about how “keeping silent” sometimes sends a stronger message. It is not a neutral position. It speaks volumes.

The push back we get from the kids sometimes is that they may not be able to change someone’s opinion or decision, so what’s the point of speaking up?

Well, sometimes just voicing your opinion won’t change things per se, but it may make the other person think twice. And it will certainly help you to feel good about doing the right thing. We should never be the one who is silently hurting others, or passively letting others fight our battles.


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