Study Skills 104

When I was in grade 5 and 6, I had a great teacher: Mr. McGilton.

He was the best teacher and everyone was excited to have him. I got to have him for 2 years because I was in a split 5/6 for grade 5. Since he taught grade 6ers, I lucked out!

He was the best, and out of all my teachers in elementary school, I remember him the most. He read us the book “I am David” – which I loved, and we all loved last year when we read it together as a family.

He also gave me the most valuable study tip(s) that I passed along to our kids this week.

Tip #1: Three times everything! Read things over three times, write things out three times and study things three times. Three times helps solidify information.

Tip#2: Study right before bed when you really want to remember something. And I mean RIGHT before bed. Nothing in between studying and your head hitting the pillow. No music, no phone call, no talking, no other reading. Just go right to sleep. Your brain will sort the info out during the night and you wake up with lots of clarity!

Now, put these two tips together. Review things three times right before bed, then quickly go to sleep. When you wake up, before you do anything, review the info over in your head and see how much you remember. What you don’t remember, you can quickly just review right away.

I did this in grade 6, all through high school and all through University.

I seriously think the “three times right before bed” works magic.

Magic. Magic. Magic.

Good night:)

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