Weekly/Monthly Snaps of Life

Here’s what we have been up to:

Rob finished off coaching Sam’s Soccer

Sam was a star!

Love his face after he just scored!

A little backwards kick

And a celebration dance!

Best coach in the world!

Josh playing his last game of the season

Always full of fancy moves!

And the Davidson tongue comes out!

Sorry coach…need to do what I need to do…

Cheer for their final game

He always tries to skip us!

The league champions!

On to Zach’s game!

Serious look on his face!

Sweet kick – too bad it’s so blurry:(

Always on the go

Waiting for the next game to start…
Signing shirts at the banquet

Lining up for medals
Best coaches! Coach Peter and Coach Andrew

Can you see the medal?? It’s teeny!! (It’s just the participation medal!)

Wearing the scarf that he won

The whole package!

This is what Zandra was doing while watching all the soccer games! Hair!

Celebrating the semi final win!

And they all fall down

Getting medals from Coach Rob!

The star!

Hmm…not what I meant by “Get in the car, we are late for church!)

Morning run

Zandra’s surprise dinner!

Getting ready to run the 5K for BIST

Rob finished before me so could take this pic!

Gabe and Rob went fishing with the YM

Serious fisherman!

Yes, a Bunny and  Cow dancing in the kitchen

Starting to prep for Halloween. Aunt Judy had to forward us the costumes from the States as they would not ship to Canada!

I think he really likes being a Bunny

I mean like – really likes. Sitting and watching TV like this!

Heading to church looking very handsome

So thrilled to be having his picture taken. But oh so cute!!!

All right Mom, I’ll smile!!!
Getting the trophy for winning the U9 League Championship: 12 games won, 1 tied and 1 lost
Josh receiving the big trophy for being one of two MVPs!!
Proud MVP with the cup!

With Coach Andrew!

Typical Josh!

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