When the boys are at their Dad’s house for the night, it has been the tradition since the early years, to call to say good night. When they are with me, they usually call their Dad to say good night too, and give a little summary of their day.

I know it’s a very heated debate in divorce world, with many saying that on “their time” there is no need to comnect with the other parent, and based on what I wrote about here, you’ll remember that I don’t support the “My time vs Your time”. So, in our house, we have always encouraged the daily phone calls.

Of course, sometimes, it is just not feasible. Sometimes, life gets in the way and someone falls asleep, or they are out really late, and the phone call gets missed.

This past week, Zach sent me a text to say good night and that he wouldn’t be able to call because it was so late.

He also attached this picture:

A little blurry – but it’s the sunset that he saw on the drive to his Dad’s house that night, and he captured it on his phone – and then sent it to me.

I was so touched by this for multiple reasons:

1) He is listening to what we talk about in FHE!!! We just had a lesson on being mindful and enjoying moments, living in the present and sharing the beauty we see. I loved that he shared this with me!

2) I love that he notices beauty in nature. He is just like Rob in that regard. I can be walking a long and not notice anything – but both Zach and Rob will stop mid sentence to point out a beautiful tree, or sky, or building. I so love that about them both.

3) It reminded me that I need to stop and enjoy things. So, when walking downtown the other night with Rob for a date night, he stopped to capture a picture of the city. I did the same:)) It helps to be reminded to “Be in the present”.

I’m so grateful for these two and their ability to see beauty, and pass it along. It really does make my life more beautiful:)


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