Everyday life

I was scrolling through Rob’s photos on his phone and came across these ones. They were taken in the Miami airport while we were waiting for our flight home from our cruise this summer.

Whenever we tell people we are a blended family, most always ask how everyone gets along.

And I’m not sure they believe our answers of “amazing”. Sure, they fight, tease and compete, but they adore each other and have so much fun together. They are siblings. I don’t think they really think of each other as “steps” – They just are siblings living within a unique family.

When I saw this picture, it seemed to capture for me their everyday lives and interactions. It’s not the biologically related hanging out. It’s not my kids together and your kids together. In these particular pictures it is the older and the younger, but it can be any combo. I just love how carefree they looked, hanging out in an airport, waiting for a flight home and wanted to preserve this memory forever.

Life is good. I love these guys more than they will ever know.

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