Future Pilot

I love to travel – it is no secret.

I mean I LOVE to travel.

In fact, when I met Rob, I told him up front that I have some big traveling plans for my family. I had a couple of dream trips that I wanted to take my kids on before they grew up and spread their wings (stay tuned for trip #1 in March 2013)! However, to travel this way would require a bit of a commitment and sacrifice of other things. If we now had 5 kids to take on these trips, it would mean an awful lot of commitment and giving up of some other things that he might otherwise want to spend on. He was keen, and so we got married. Ok, we married for other things too (like him taking the garbage out).

Anyhow, our first family flight happened to be the first flight Gabe, Zandra and Sam were ever on. Have to admit, I was a bit worried about Gabe.

He was nervous beyond nervous. His anxiety level was through the roof – pretty much for the whole trip:) I felt bad for him because I knew he was stuck in the wrong family with me as a Stepmom if he didn’t like to travel.

Since then we have taken many flights, and although I still see he is occasionally anxious about the travel (this past summer his face was priceless when we told him we were going on a cruise… He needs time to adapt to the idea of a certain trip, so a “surprise” trip wasn’t ideal for him), he is coming around nicely.

In fact, he wants to be a pilot.

Of course, although loving airplanes, cars and any kind of vehicle (just like his Dad) certainly plays a role, I can’t help but wonder if his interest has something to do with his exposure to travel too (maybe?!?!).

But I am thrilled that he has thus passion. Every kid should have a dream related to a passion.

I’m not so thrilled about how this passion has shown up in tons and tons and tons of plane models that are cluttering up his room though:((((

He is always searching the net for anything airplane. He tracks flights. He has already identified all the planes and tiny details about the multiple flights we are taking in March. He plays games where you simulate landing. He flies little planes around the house (and makes announcements like he’s the pilot) . He knows all about the airlines and where they fly. He knows about cities that I didn’t even know existed – and he knows who flies there and how often. He asks me questions like “how many people do you think this plans holds?” and then laughs at my terrible guesses.

It is awesome.

I hope that he continues on with this dream, as I could really do with having one of our kids being a pilot.

Won’t it be so cool to get on a plane and have HIM be the pilot making all the announcements??

Won’t it be cool to have some free passes too (hint hint) to support my travel addiction in my old age?

Right now, I just think it’s pretty cool that he has become so knowledgeable about planes and has developed a real passion. What a smart kid.

This, though, is not so cool. (Although, have to admit he’s cleaned it up pretty nicely!):

IMG 1434

IMG 1435

IMG 1436

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