Mindfulness Spa

We had to do Family Home Evening this week on Sunday afternoon because we have a bit of a crazy week.

Today, we talked about “Mindfulness”, something that I have been working on with  group I am running at work.

Basically, what I wanted to impress on the kids is how important it is to be present and mindful. Whether it be to enjoy the taste of a delicious dessert, marvel at the beauty of sunset (and as Phil says on Modern Family, “You should always watch the sunset at least once a day”!!), or feel the softness of a cuddly blanket. I want them to be looking for these small pleasures that bring more joy in life.

I also want them to be aware of picking up after themselves, being aware of the time and not keeping others waiting, observing someone needing help and jumping in to help. I explained how being mindful can help with absentmindedness and forgetfulness, which tend to be the cause of “not doing something” that they were “supposed to do”.

We did a fun activity where I had them experience different tastes, smells and textures with their eyes closed. I had them take their time to experience all these senses. I have to say, it was a huge hit.

The next part was also a super big hit. At the beginning of the year, we had made a family bucket list of things we wanted to do together as a family. One of them was to have a “Family Spa Day”.  So, we did it! It was really fun!

We started off with a body scan (meditation/awareness/breathing activity). And in case you are  wondering, kids should probably be over 10 for this:)) Regardless, we got through it and then had some spa treatments.

Each of them got to have a foot soak and moisturizing foot massage, a facial and then a back massage.

We got some funny pictures. And even funnier video – but I’m not gonna share that here!!

It was a great day! It was a fun way to teach them how to be a bit more present minded, and a great way to relax!

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