Christmas Chain

Ever since Halloween finished (3 days ago), Josh has been crazy into Christmas. Making lists, checking out websites, and asking me non stop about stuff.

The other night, while lying in bed saying good night, he commented how I am not listening to him.

I knew exactly what he meant.

My office is at home, and so I am often working at home (downfall of working at home). I don’t usually close my door, so the kids often come in and chat or ask for help with homework . I do try to do most of my work when they are not around, but sometimes, it spills over.

The other day was one of those days where I had to get some work done while the boys were around. Josh kept coming in to show me different things that were going to be on his Christmas list.

I listened, but I was also still working. I guess he noticed!

So, when he commented how I was not listening to him,  I told him, I was listening “90%”. He started to quiz me on what he had been telling me throughout the day. Luckily, I was listening 90%, as I got most answers right – much to his surprise, and he was quite pleased about that. Me too.

He was talking a lot about Christmas. And asking how long it was until Christmas. And when we were doing certain traditions.

I suggested we make a link chain – one for each day until Christmas, listing the things we already have scheduled, and then everyday, he can take off a link.

So, we made the chain yesterday. He was pretty happy about it and enjoyed drawing out certain events for certain dates. We decided that on the last link at Christmas (Christmas eve morning) – we would go get donuts for everyone for the real “last link” (since the links look like a donut). he was super pleased about that.

I’ve heard of the link chain being done before for kids that are younger. Josh is 9. But, I thought I would do it this year because I love the fact that he is still “young” enough to have such excitement and anticipation. Soon enough he may become too cool for something like this.

So the chain is now hanging in our kitchen, and I have to admit, it does get me a little excited too!

Josh making the Christmas chain
The Chain:)

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