I think Halloween for kids is one of the most exciting days ever!

The kids bounced out of bed this morning and were ready to go – excited to get in their costumes for school.

The Halloween fun started this weekend when all the pumpkins were carved. Unfortunately not all the pumpkins made it until Halloween night (the rotted out for some reason), but the kids still had fun carving them!

Zandra and I made these eyeballs cake pops. They were yummy:

On Halloween day, the school holds a giant parade through the neighborhood, so all the kids get ready for school in their official costumes. We spent a bit of time getting ready in the morning before school:

Some of the final products (although Zandra decided to add the make up later)

We always take the afternoon off to head to the parade at the school. It is so fun to see 700 kids in their costumes parading the streets!

This year Gabe was not trick or treating, and technically they were supposed to be at their Mom’s for Halloween too, but Zandra wanted to stick to trick or treating in our neighborhood with her friends. So, we only had 3 for our annual Mummy Dog dinner.

The kids had a great time despite the rain, and scored a lot of loot.

When Zach went to bed he said he hates the end of holidays:( I remember that feeling too after so much anticipation for a holiday, and then it is over)….

Until it starts all over again next year!

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