Monthly Snaps of Life

Gorgeous sunset in my rear view mirror

Gabe’s turn for dinner

The yummy dnner he made!

Sunday afternoon playing Risk

“Our book”
Date with Josh shopping and cupcakes and hot chocolate!

He lives for sweets

And truly enjoys every bite
Josh worked hard on a project on the Artic (a little help from artist Rob)

Rob took Zach on a date to “50 Years James Bond”. They were so busy runing from exhibit to exhibit that they forgot to take picures for me:(

Our awesome friends made us “hand cookies” to commemorate Sam’s hand adventure!

I took Sam and his buddy on a dinner date to a neighborhood staple: Detroit Eatery, for their famous milkshakes and grilled cheese

He could barely finish his grilled cheese because he drank all his milkshake first!

Zandra went on a Daddy Daughter Date to Little Italy

She’s holding out for chocolate milk:)

She even makes oil and bread happy!

Good times at Church

Don’t they look so cute though!

Every Sunday lunch we have been having some “theme” picnics – and feasting on cheeses, meats and specialties. It is super yummy. Italy this past week…

Zandra continues with the hair…getting so good. She knows she can get anything she wants from me if she tickles and does my hair. You will often find her volunteering to tickle my hair 5 minutes before bed because she knows it buys everyone at least another 15 minutes!


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