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“Carpe Diem”

Seize the Day.

One thing that I definitely love as my kids are getting older, is I can begin to share with them some of my favorite movies.

This weekend, we watched “Dead Poet’s Society”.

I remember seeing this movie when it came out  (back in 1989!) and being very touched by it. I think I saw it a couple of times, but it has been a long time since I have seen it.

The other night during Family Home Evening, while reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”, the movie was mentioned; specifically, “Carpe Diem” was mentioned, so we decided to show it to the kids.

Such a powerful movie, with a powerful message.

I love how Robin William’s character – Mr. Keating (the controversial teacher) tells the kids to “Seize the Day” and to “Make your life extraordinary”.

I love how he gets them to stand on the desk as a reminder to always try to see things from a different perspective.

I love the free thinking he encourages, and the passion about life that he tries to instill.

I love how he encourages them to march to their own beat.

I love how the boys create a special brotherhood and bond.

I love how he teaches them about romance and poetry.

I love how they call him “O Captain, My Captain”.

My heart broke at the end when Neil feels he has no options.

I bawled (again) when the father holds him in his arms saying “My son” over and over, then holds his wife who is crying “He’s alright”.

I continued bawling when the boys stood on their desk for their Captain. Powerful.

Love this movie.

Love the message.

I hope my kids will seize the day. I hope they will make their lives extraordinary. I hope they know how much potential they have. I hope they know and feel how much they are loved.


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  1. great post and great movie. Your blog is full of so many ideas..and just added that movie to my list of films to watch with the kids.
    Miss you!!! xooxoxooxoxox Glad you liked my luggage post. Your luggage is phenomenal all classy and light and organized and well thought out. xoxoxoox

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