Yesterday we arrived home after soccer to a cute little basket of Christmas treats from our kind friend and neighbor.

She is the best baker, and I look forward to these treats every year. I didn’t even have my coat off before I started digging in:)

A few minutes later, I was putting Josh to bed and he commented how I had not even taken my coat off before eating the treats (so something he would do!)

I laughed. I told him I was excited because I don’t really eat my own baking and I enjoy my friend’s  every year. However, this year, she hadn’t made my favorites:((

We discussed which ones were my favorite, and how I had tried making them in the past from her recipe – but they didn’t turn out so well. Josh told me I just had to try making them again. I said. “Nah… I can’t make them”.

Well. He took my face in his little hands and said, “Mom. What does D stand for?”

He continued, “Determination. It’s the D from YOUR last name. Determination. You HAVE to try again.”
(You can read about Determination in our family motto in these links).

It was so cute. So, I said I would try again. Because he was right. I need to teach by example – remember?

He rolled over to go to sleep, “Besides. It’s a win-win. I get to eat whatever you make”.


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  1. How cute this is! But I, too,have failed in certain recipes and have DETERMINED not to do them again but now, I will have to change my attitude and TRY AGAIN. So my sweet grandson has also taught me a lesson today. We do learn from our children and they are often the examples we need! Thanks be for our children/grandchildren. I love them both!

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