Festival of Carols

There is nothing more beautiful than hearing a choir sing Christmas carols.

Rob and I have made the annual tradition of attending the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir: “Festival of Carols” .

It is always held in the first couple of weeks of December in a local church and it always gets me in  a Christmasy mood. And some of the music gives me goose bumps.

They ask the congregation to sing a couple of song, usually something powerful such as “Joy to the World“, or “Hark the Harard Angels” or “Oh Come All Ye Faithful“. I normally don’t join in (and ask Rob not to either). I love just hearing everyone singing around me – and I don’t want to be distracted by my own voice (or Rob’s – although you have a great voice Robbie:))

During the middle of the concert the choir comes down and surrounds the audience and sings some beautiful carols.They usually don’t have music accompanying them for these songs so it is just these heavenly voices. It is by far my favorite part.

It is also one of most favorite dates with Rob. As much as I love family traditions, I love that this tradition is just between us. We pick a new restaurant in the area surrounding the church (this year we went to a French Bistro) and then attend the concert with all the “older couples” (yup – it is certainly an “older generation activity”). But I love it. I know that in years when we are considered the “older generation”, I will love the fact that we will be saying “this is our 20th year coming to this concert”.

It’s the best way to pause and let the true spirit of Christmas sink in. I already can’t wait until next year!


Festival of Carols — 2 Comments

  1. How lovely to go to a Christmas concert each year. I love Christmas music and although I don’t go to an annual concert, I always play Christmas carols either driving, or listen to them in the car or at home. Also love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Love your pictures on this post and the feeling I get when I read this blog. You are just the best!
    Mom xoxo

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