Gratitude for Emails.

One of the many downfalls of losing a parent early on in your adult life (sadly, losing a parent at any stage in life has great downfalls)… is that as you get older, and a bit more appreciative (hopefully), and gain a bit more life experience, there are many things you wish you could ask your parent, or say to your parent, or thank your parent for, but they are gone.

I think about my Dad a lot and think of so many questions I would ask him. He was a big talker, and as much as I listened, I know I would be listening a lot closer now. How I wish I had those stories recorded. But, I don’t, and I can just be grateful that that unfulfilled wish of mine is one of my biggest motivators for writing this blog: so my children will have all my stories (because, truthfully, I’m a big talker too and I’m not sure they are listening in the way they SHOULD be listening)!!

However, I am blessed to have a mother still with me, who is the best example to me. I can ask her questions, hear her stories, and learn form her wisdom.

I can also express my appreciation and gratitude for her too. I don’t have to wait until she’s gone (sorry Mom, I know that freaks you out) to say thank you to her for being an amazing Mom and Grandmother.

Yesterday morning, in my email in box was yet another email from my mother. She had forwarded me yet another article from an online magazine that she read and thought I would enjoy . She added a cute, uplifting, loving, inspirational note with it. She does this at least 2-3 times a week. In my inbox pops a great article with a “Thought you’d like this one” or “This reminds me of you”, or “How grateful I am for my family”. The articles are always relevant to what is going on in my life – since my Mom knows every detail since she always cares to ask and always listens and remembers. The articles are usually short enough that I can read quickly on the road or before bed, and they give me a little spiritual or inspirational, or educational boost.

How I love those articles and those notes. Yesterday morning, walking home from dropping the kids off at school, one of those emails popped up and I (morbidly – sorry Mom ) thought to myself, “When the time comes that my mother will no longer be around, this is one thing that I will seriously miss. I better let her know how much they mean to me. How I appreciate her example of constantly learning and educating herself. How I appreciate her generosity in sharing this sweet spirit. How I appreciate that she is in her seventies and is so Internet savvy. How I love everything that she sends. And how I appreciate these emails more than I can ever say”.

So, thanks Mom. For your example, for your love and especially for your emails and links to great articles:)) Keep reading and keeping sending. You are changing my life and the lives of your family forever.

Love you!


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  1. Wierd second time I leave a comment but does not get published!!!

    I agree your Mom is wonderful and such a natural teacher,. I love when you share her articles with me too.

    And your Dad would have loved the place you are in your life..and loved Rob too. They remind me of eachother in many ways.



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