Jesus came from a Blended Family?

Music to my ears.

My Mom sent me this little article by a Pastor, David McGee, that she found online entitled: Jesus was part of a blended family.

At first I thought it was a joke , but then I read it. It was serious.

And it’s true!

The article goes on to talk about Joseph, and the fact that according to the scriptures, he was not Jesus’ “real dad”. He was his Stepdad.

The article highlights the challenges Joseph must have faced, but how he so willingly accepted Jesus as his child, and fulfilled his role as an earthly father. The author sums up the article by making a plea to all fathers, saying:  “God might be calling you to an untraditional path of Fatherhood. Maybe you and your spouse have created a blended family. Our idea of how we want life to go is not always God’s plan for our life. God’s plan is purposeful and perfect; during this Christmas season I encourage you to be the father your children need you to be, whether biological or other“.

This article got me naturally thinking about the “purposefulness” (is that a word??) of our blended family.

How THIS is the family that is meant for US to be in.

I shared with the kids the other night how blessed we are in our family.

No, we are not connected by blood.  But we are connected by something very powerful, and very strong. We are connected by choice.

We are blessed to have chosen each other (well, Rob and I chose each other really:). But we have all chosen to embrace each other as parent and child, and as siblings (my boys/sboys truly do say “we are brothers from another mother”). We aren’t just people living in the same house, splitting the bills, dividing up the chores.

We have chosen to be family. True family. Connected family.

We are a blended family.


Jesus came from a Blended Family? — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, you truly are ‘a wonderfully blended family” and I admire and love you for the way in which you have accomplished this SO WELL. And it has given me three more wonderful grandchildren as I truly feel and know they are so. When we come and visit,we can feel the love we have for each other and I cherish these visits! Can’t wait till Christmas!
    Love, Mom xoxoxo

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