NYC Trip – Day 1

So with my new camera in tow, we headed out the door for our impromptu trip to NYC.

Who said you can’t be 40 (with a whole slew of kids) and still be fun and spontaneous? Ok – so we left the kids behind, which made travel life so much easier.

Gotta have some divorce perks -and this is one that I will take advantage of everytime.

Robbie McHottie drove all the way. You’d think I don’t know how to drive when I am with him.

We’ve also discovered that I, like Sam, am asleep in 2.5 seconds as soon as the car starts moving.
I guess I don’t sleep well at night? I think he needs to take me for a drive during the night more often…

At any rate, I slept almost the entire way; waking up here and there to make sure McHottie was ok.

Then we hit some nasty snow, so I tried to pry my eyes open to navigate directions and be McHottie’s cheering squad.

The unfortunate amount of snow tacked on about 2 extra hours:((

We did finally arrive, and found our way to our little hotel just off of Times Square.

We got a great deal, but I must say the room was teeny.

I mean small.

I mean, Robbie called it our “prison cell.” This is it. And it’s not just a picture of part of the room. It is the room.

We decided our review would read “Great for skinny people who like each other”. Otherwise, you might want something a tad bigger.

But we were fine (we really like each other and I guess we can be classified as on the skinnier side).

We headed out to the Shake Shack for dinner, a few blocks away. It was pouring rain and freeezing cold, and there was a long line, but we braved everything and had a burger and shake.

Sorry NY, but your Shake Shack burger ain’t got nothing over Toronto’s Burger’s Priest burger.

We headed back to our prison cell and had a enjoyable evening cuddled up in our cubicle, cranked the heat and drifted off to never never land.

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