Quiet Elfie didn’t fall. He was pushed.

We’ve had a lot of excitement these past few days with Quiet Elfie.

The other morning he was sitting, quite precariously I would say, in between two railings on the stairs that lead from Zach and Gabe’s third floor room to our second floor.

Zach was pretending to poke him (so Zach) and Josh was trying to protect Quiet Elfie from Zach’s pokes.

Things got out of hand and Zach poked Josh who inadvertently pushed Quiet Elfie. Quiet Elfie fell and landed in a heap in the floor.

They were stunned. “He just fell!” is what they tried to tell me.

He didn’t fall. He was pushed.

Josh tried to contain his tears. Zach felt guilty and wrote Quiet Elfie an apology letter. Then he gave him a peace offering of a candy cane.

He thought about putting tape around Quiet Elfie’s body, but we decided he wasn’t dead (we hoped), so he ditched that idea.

Quiet Elfie lay there the whole day. However, at some point he did eat the candy cane because the wrapper was empty when we all got home.

During the night he must have gone to Elf hospital because he came back looking like this:

He must have broken his wrist in the fall!!

Poor guy!

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