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I saw this quote and thought, “This will be my 2013 theme.”

For the past couple of years, my “theme” or my “mantra” has been Be there“.

Just a reminder to be present for my life, enjoy every minute, focus on what’s important now. Don’t wish away the present for the next exciting moment. Don’t be too nostalgic about the past (and how fast everyone is growing  * insert tear here (for real)*). Just savour the beauty of the here and now and love every moment and life stage I’m in.

And that theme has served me well, but I think I have integrated it into my life now that it doesn’t need to be center stage (but it still needs to be on stage).

This quote however is really one about faith, acceptance, and gratitude for all that is. Acceptance of past things that I do not quite understand, a celebration and appreciation of things now that seem a little off my path, and a hope, faith and positive anticipation of the things that are in store.

Do you have a theme or mantra to live by for the coming year?


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