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Last week during FHE, I introduced the concept of 10-10-10  that I talked about here.

I thought that it was a simple concept that even the kids could use and it can help guide them in their decision making process too.

They understood it and we talked about different decisions it can help them make.

At first however, I obviously had to explain it to them – what each ten meant.

10 minutes.

10 months.

10 years.

“Oh”, Josh said, “I thought the last 10 would be 10 decades”.

Everyone sort of chuckled as THAT would be a really long time.

But then Zandra said, “Shouldn’t we be thinking that far, you know into the eternities”?

Smart girl.

In our faith, we talk a lot about the “Eternal Perspective” of things. Here was a perfect opportunity to think about the eternal perspective in our decision making too. And sometimes, that is the most important ones and can seriously guide our values and choices that we make.

So, we renamed it:


That should cover every time frame now.


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