Rob’s 2012 Christmas Poem

Christmas 2012

Another year has come and gone and “off to down under” won’t be too long

The adventures of the CDFs in 2012 were mighty exciting….Listen to this tale it is most inviting

Early in the year we slapped on the boards to ski among the hoards

A Birthday and fun and valentines to make

It was pretty cold for goodness sake!

Family Day weekend in the blazing winter sun so much fun!!

Then to the trees and and warm tropical breeze

Meski and Robbie dawned their gear, without fear and zipped and zapped then went for a nap

Bathing suits anew, we certainly weren’t through, 40 years had passed it was time for a birthday blast

Road warriors we were, the interstate we rode, on the water’s edge, our love we did pledge

Back again, our trips a delight, a second celebration with singing….. what a fright!!!

Then it was summer at home….. relaxing was over….soccer, baseball and sitting in clover!!

A graduation, anniversary, and birthdays and so much fun, May, June and July we’re all on the run!

To Collingwood too for some fun in the woods….a tennis tournament for sure…a cup was won…we even had John McEnroe visit us for fun!!

Then oh what is this? A trip to the Sunshine State!! Oh the kids could hardly wait.

But wily were we, and with a trick and wink, the trip was not to Mickey but rather afloat on the big drink

While on these adventures of the high sea, we swam with the rays and tanned in the sun, we even saw Josh invent a new sink!!!

Back to school..for some high school, working hard, soccer, cross country, ultimate…never sit…never quit

Into the fall, and halloween…costumes a five…how do we survive!

Into November…we went to the science centre..two trips to the hospital….how is it possible

Have no fear we got the all clear….

Well now it is here, the ring of a bell…Christmas 2012

Quiet Elfie a visiting, pointing and prodding began….from the stairs he fell….but all to soon he would be well

Soon a quiet night we wait for the sound…of Santa landing on the ground…not much left to say but love is here….the CDFs ready for another year!!!





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