Who’s with us?

I remember writing a post a while ago about motherhood, and how it changes everything!

It even changes the way you tell time.

Noon is no longer just noon; it’s, “I wonder if the kids have eaten yet and are outside playing.”

Three o’clock really means, “They must be getting their stuff ready for the end of day.”

It occurred to me today, that being a divorced-remarried-mother-and-stepmother also has some unique changes too.

It never occurred to me before, but as soon as I wake up in the morning, I  squint (because my eyes are really bad) and see what time it is (praying that is is really early and I still  have another hour to go). The next thing I do is think, “Who is with us?”

Then I go through my head and think about which child is upstairs sleeping. I do a quick “day ” check to align my brain with the schedule – and quickly try to sort out if there were any changes in the schedule. Once I have the day sorted, I quickly think to myself whether we need to do anything (e.g. go unlock the door because the kids are arriving soon, or push Rob out of bed because he has to go pick the kids up). Those are the dreaded days because we have to move.

The best days are the ones when we don’t have to do anything, everyone is still snug as a bug in bed, and I can roll over and cuddle my husband, that I am so grateful to have on the other side of my bed.

 People often ask if it hard to deal with such a schedule and truthfully, we are so used to it – as are the kids – that it doesn’t really bother anyone anymore (I don’t think – although the early mornings for the kids with Rob’s schedule is still kinda kooky). BUT  it does obviously consume a lot of energy and mind space – so much so that I wake up thinking about it!

This may make for a boring post, but this morning I had a good chuckle about how funny it is that my first thought is to think “Who’s with us?” I thought it might just be a little crazy detail that I will want to remember forever when the day arrives that I wake up and it doesn’t matter the day, my children are all snug as a bug in their own homes:(


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  1. Very true! Never thought of that with blended families. You seem to handle the schedule very well-very seamlessly.
    I personally wake up most mornings and think “where am I again and what day is it?”
    and then my mind coontuinues planning and racing..like yours:)

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