A Year in Review

Soccer Soccer Soccer: tournaments, games, practices, for fun. Zach and Josh rep (MVP – most goals scored), Sam coached by Rob!

Surprise Cruise (Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, Grand Cayman): snorkeling, urinals, hot chocolate, dress up nights, photo shoots, sting rays, monkeys, beach, hot chocolate lava cakes, ginger gravol, trampoline competitions, burgers, chocolate buffet, candy shop

Scary boat ride in Collingwood, KFC picnic (shhh), beaching boat, CDF tennis tournament (Gabe and Zach champs – trophy and everything!!)

Shooting Kabul Reading

Surprise Dinners every second Sunday

Baseball (Gabe)

Island School(Zach and Zandra) and Brock University (Gabe)

Outerbanks (40th Leah and Rob)

Joy of Dance (Zandra great holiday show)

Kid/Parent Dates (Detroit Eatery anyone?? Grilled cheese and a milkshake?)

Gilmore Girls (almost done season 3)

Spa Day and Karaoke Turning 40

Costa Rica (R & L March Break)

The Breadwinner Reading

The Amazing Race

Art on Sunday Afternoons

Movie nights and Sunday afternoon family watching

Hidden Valley Ski Weekend on Family Day (tubing and skating too as well as a walk on a frozen lake!)

Guitar (Zach), violin (Zandra), Ukulele (Josh), trumpet (Gabe)

New couch! (no furniture for a while!)

Sushi – and lots of other date places for me and my guy

Sleepovers in the basement

Swimming lessons, tennis camp, soccer camp, skateboard camp

Lots of hair do’s. Tickle Leah/Mom’s hair to stay up later

Bedtime routines: lucky winner for Zach, special prayers with Sam (no houses catch on fire, no bad dreams, no one gets up during night, no scary noises), Zandra’s “what will I dream about”, Josh cuddles (weary hobo, barbaloots, doggies and Chris), Gabe and Zach up way too late). Little guys bed by 8:45. Older ones 9:30

Zones – still a fight:( but help with laundry)! Looking for paid jobs: Zach does my filing, Gabe organized my yearly receipts!

Scriptures in morning before school

Early morning seminary for Gabe (exhausted Rob too)

EQ presidency for Rob, Primary chorister for Leah

CDF all the way

Phones for Zach and Zandra

More Mac computers

FHE: Business or Pleasure ? Oops – Lesson with lots of squiggles. 7 Habits book going strong!

O Holy Night with the Johnson’s

Christmas Baking

Quote of the week going strong

Published in Today’s Parent magazine

John Bytheway on the way to church

Lots of cupcake baking in winter

Rob and I still do drop off and pick up (mainly Rob), but kids can go on their own too:((

Gabe started high school. Started parties too. Girls too.

Usual traditions: Valentine’s is a fave: year books, hearts all over kitchen, little stuffie and steak and poutine dinner.

Airplanes everywhere. Robbie building models – I mean helping kids build models

Sewing and knitting Zandra

Too many visits to Sick Kids (Zach and Sam)

Soda stream!

Sunday “picnic” lunches

Air show on boat

New York City!

Happy New Year! Here’s to an even better 2013!

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